“Organ transplant unites science and humanity to provide those in need with a second chance at life.”

– Justin Ryder, 2013

The Second Chance Foundation (SCF) was created to educate the general public on the value of organ transplant and donation by providing a first hand look into the lives of those who are currently or who have previously been in need of an organ.

In addition, the SCF is dedicated to providing financial assistance to those in need of a transplant.  Some in need of a transplant for survival have health insurance insufficient for placement on a transplant list.  Others more fortunate to have insurance that permits an organ transplant may lack adequate finances to support the cost of travel, room, and board necessary for themselves or loved ones while awaiting an organ. Not only can you help save lives by being an organ donor, you can also help those in financial need by donating to the SCF.

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